Rest in Fucking Pieces, Prof. Oak 

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  • america: ur joke is deader than prussia
  • england: stfu
  • *later at 12 midnight. america's bedroom*
  • america: *wakes up*
  • prussia: hey
  • prussia: fucker
  • prussia: heard u been talking shit about me
  • america: WHAT THE FU—
  • prussia: btw u need to lose weight
  • prussia: 'cause my insult got lost in all ur fat
  • prussia: *disappears into the night*

N E V E R  G I V E  U P ! !

N E V E R  G I V E  U P ! !

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So I was watching Kyou Kara Maou and—


딕른전에 협력한 그림 ^~^

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