Click here to watch Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore talk about police misconduct on last night’s Daily Show.

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Meganebu Click and Drag

Includes 15 characters! (which isn’t all of them~ There’s a couple I forgot so sorry if you wanted them included).

Can be screen printed (works best on ipad… and maybe other tablets(?)) or you’ll probably have to make it smaller for it to fit on a full screen (ctrl+minus button).

This is plain awesome!


Rest in Fucking Pieces, Prof. Oak 

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  • america: ur joke is deader than prussia
  • england: stfu
  • *later at 12 midnight. america's bedroom*
  • america: *wakes up*
  • prussia: hey
  • prussia: fucker
  • prussia: heard u been talking shit about me
  • america: WHAT THE FU—
  • prussia: btw u need to lose weight
  • prussia: 'cause my insult got lost in all ur fat
  • prussia: *disappears into the night*

N E V E R  G I V E  U P ! !

N E V E R  G I V E  U P ! !

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So I was watching Kyou Kara Maou and—